Friday, January 20, 2012

King Arthur Cookie Mix

I've been gluten free for 6 months and we finally broke down and got a toaster (oven), since the toaster had to be quarantined. I love it! I can roast polenta for dinner, or make garlic toast, or 6 cookies!

I had sworn off baking mixes for years, for a billion reasons. They were often not vegan when you delved into those scary sounding ingredients, although the scary ingredients were enough to keep me away even if I didn't know what l-cystine is. It turns out the gluten-free mixes are less frightening. The ingredients list is recognizable and usually things I have in my pantry. Many use xanthan gum, which is not in my pantry, and I kind of hate it, but it's been in my condiments for years, so I don't get rabid about it.

King Arthur's gluten-free cookie mix uses normal ingredients and no xanthan gum. I used coconut oil for butter, and ground white chia seeds for the egg (1 tablespoon ground seeds with 3 tablespoons warm water in a little bowl to gel up), with a cup of Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips. They're chewy and delicious.

My only complaint about baking cookies these days is that I have
To form each cookie by hand for them to bake up properly.

I put hand pressed cookies on a sheet in the freezer, and when they froze solid, I put them in a container with baking instructions for a quick hot cookie dessert some painful evening with warmed chocolate hemp milk. <3

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